The 2016/17 season ahead

The 2016/17 season is nearly upon us and we have been setting the groundwork for what we hope to achieve. Here is a summary of what we have in the pipeline.

First team support

As usual, we will be supporting the first team in their League One campaign up and down the country with some big displays.

Most of the feedback we've had over the last year has been that we should do more at home, so this season we will be putting a lot of effort into getting our home atmosphere where we feel it should be.

The noise levels is usually one of the things you can't fault Swindon Town fans for, but we want to add to that with regular displays of colour to hopefully inspire the players and give them that something extra to put in the best performances possible.

This season has a lot of potential for some great atmospheres and I'm sure the visits from the likes of Oxford & Bristol Rovers will be incredible matches.

Swindon Town Ladies FC & Youth

We would like Great Western Reds to be a supporting group that gives support to all aspects of the Swindon Town FC team.

So this season we will be encouraging Swindon Town fans young and old to attend a Swindon Town Ladies FC home match in the first half of the season, another in the new year and a Swindon Town Academy match.

We have been liaising with Swindon Town LFC about which are their biggest games of the upcoming season to make sure the Ladies are getting the support for their biggest games and the matches that are most likely to offer a spectacle for the fans.

We will be bringing the banners, flags, streamers and the noise to these games so they should be a couple of great days out with a different experience to the League One matches.

If you're interested in supporting the Swindon Town Ladies or youngsters, you can follow them on Twitter @SwindonTownLFC and @AcademySTFC.

Our support

Lastly, we'd love to thank TrustSTFC, SAS Travel and the Swindon Town Supporters' Club for their support so far and we can't wait to work together on some big projects this season.

If you'd like to get involved with what we do email us about how you can be a part of it or donate directly on PayPal.