Great Western Reds kicked off in the lead up to the climax of Swindon Town's 2014/15 season that would eventually end with Wembley heartbreak in the Play Off final.

We have grown from doing simple things like distributing balloons and handfuls of streamers home & away to organising 8,000 seater tifos at Wembley.

Now, after a disappointing 2015/16 campaign, 2016/17 is upon us and we are aiming to make it a huge season on the terraces hoping this translates into a great season on the pitch.

We already have a number of displays planned for the new campaign, so please get involved to help be a part in making them happen.

Join us

If you like what we're doing and want to get involved there are many ways you can. You can donate to help us financially, volunteer to help us set up on match-days or even email the club about relocating your season ticket to the Town End to join us and raise your voice!

Be sure to follow and like us on social media so you can get involved when displays take place.